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Account Activation

Lost Password or Login Information?

Association Listing

Registering Membership

Deleting Membership

Membership Reports

What do the Pictures Mean?


Account Activation

Account activation is required to permit access to your membership in E-Sport.

You will need specific information provided by Ontario Ringette before you can activate your account.

Contact Ontario Ringette for your welcome letter which contains your association specific activation information.

1.      Enter your Activation Code.

2.      Enter your Association Information (note, even if it is incorrect, enter it exactly as provided, you can update it later).

3.      Enter your Email, Login Name and Lost Password reminder question.

4.      Check your email inbox for your acceptance note.

5.      Confirm the email to activate your account.

6.      Login to E-Sport.


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Lost Password or Login Information?

Three options

a)      Follow the on-line steps for password retrieval.

b)      Re-activate your account.

c)      Contact Ontario Ringette.

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Association Listing

The information on the left hand side of your Association Notice Board is the information that will be displayed in the general Association Listing accessible to the public.

You can choose to include contact people for your organization from the section “See/Manage our Executive”


Registering Membership

Registration has been divided up into three main sections

  1. Executive
  2. Membership
  3. Teams


See/Manage our Executive is a list with minimal requirements of your executive. When managing your executive, you can choose to assign them as contact people to be included with your Association Listing.


Add/Modify Membership is a complete list of all active and inactive players, coaches, officials and members. Type at least two characters of their last name to perform a lookup of your association membership.

Found the member? Click the  button on the left hand side to update their profile.

Quickly activate or deactivate a member by clicking the  or  picture.

Member not there? Click Add a new Member.

Note: Players and Coaches can be added directly from See/Manage our Teams.


See/Manage our Teams (players / coaches)

Not only can you manage your teams here, you can

E     Add new teams.

E     Modify the team description by clicking the ID#

E     See a PDF version of the official Team Registration Form

E     See a PDF version of the minimal version of the official Team Registration Form

E     Print an on-line version of your Team Registration Form to sign and return to the Ontario Ringette Association.


Click change from the Roster heading to manage the team.

Players or coaches can be deleted by clicking the in column three.

Player or coach information can be modified by clicking the  button in column two.

Clicking either of the Add buttons will let you lookup existing players or coaches to add and also permit the addition of players and coaches that do not otherwise exist.

Note: A player cannot be assigned to the same team more than once, nor can a coach.

Note: ORA numbers are assigned by the ORA and will usually appear within 24-48 hours.

Members awaiting Central Office processing will have a shaded background.

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Deleting Membership

If you do not want a member to appear in E-Sport or have made an error, contact Ontario Ringette to request the member be removed.

You can also simply make them inactive.

Note: Players and coaches can be removed from teams

Note: Executive can be deleted


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Membership Reports

Access the Membership Listing section from the Association Notice Board.

Select your view option then click the  button.

View any or all Roles.

View Active, Inactive or All.


Visit the section See/Manage our Teams to see and print your Team Registration Forms.

The main login page (Association Notice Board) contains your Annual Fee Calculation as well as a listing of your teams and your Officials Field Report.

What do the Pictures Mean?

Member is active and modifications can be made

Role. Each colored hat represents a different role

Member is active

Member is not active

Registration Status. Green = Registered

Registration Status. Yellow = Pending

When a member is activated, they become pending until the ORA approves the membership and changes their status to Registered (green)

Registration Status. Red = Not Registered

Print membership. See a printable (non graphical) list of your membership

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